Long Overdue Update

2014-03-19 14:04:11 by TheEnkian

I kept wanting to make an update, but decided to hold back until Quick Quest was finished, but that got delayed a little for various reasons so I thought I'd just make a non-front page post to summarise what's been going on in the games department.

JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising is the biggest project that I've been working on at the minute and man, is it close to being finished. The game is currently having audio implemented and I think there's only a couple of tracks left to go in and after that the bulk of what's left is testing and polishing. All of the core features are in, unless I'm forgetting something vital...I hope I'm not. I'll just leave a big "Coming soon!" here and leave it at that.

Ender Story: Chapter 1 is still being worked on, it's also nearly finished, but it'll likely be out after JUGGERNAUT II. I actually went through all of the stats for the characters and enemies as well as their formulae and made the effort of redoing them all so they're a lot more balanced and will, you know, actually make the battling worth doing :P The art is all finished, the music is all finished, what's really left is the all-important bank system, a few menu touch ups as well as sound effects. Then it'll be polish, test and the game will be finished.

Quick Quest should be out over the course of the next week or so. There's nothing really left to do in it, it's just a matter of messing around with the main menu as well as make sure the NG achievements work when uploaded to the site and that's that. Not certain of an exact date, but it really shouldn't take long.

Mega Galaxy Force hasn't progressed too much, but what is being worked on will add a lot more challenge to the game and once that's done, it'll be pretty smooth sailing until the boss of the game is designed. I'm pretty excited about this one because I love me some Sentai and Rangers and it's largely a big tribute to them. Even in it's current state, I get a nice kick out of playing all of the maps in the game so far so like I said, very excited for this one.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realise I'm really excited for all of these to be released. I'm working on another game project at the minute, but there's not much point talking about it until there's more work done on it. I've only recently found a programmer and once there's a bit more of a demo, I'll have plenty of screens to post. I also just realised that this is my first post of 2014 which is strange, didn't notice it'd been quite that long. 2014, definitely a big year ahead with all of these games (hopefully) coming out at some stage.


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