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A very good watch. Thoroughly enjoyed the story and, boy, did I feel for the guy as he was being "worked on" by the scientist that whole time. I have to say, having done a lot of sprite work myself, the pixel art throughout this animation is expertly done. It must have taken a lot of time and effort so my kudos to you for that.

I hope to see more animations like this in the future. Once again, very nice job!

Very nice job, I'm certainly intrigued not having seen your previous work regarding the series. The art quality is decent and you clearly put in a good deal of effort. I would suggest working on adding more detail as a lot of things are so smoothed over.

All in all I'm impressed. The story was engaging and if it's based on a novel series that you wrote then you clearly know the direction that you're heading. I look forward to seeing more in the future, best of luck to you.

AdamTilford responds:

Thank you! I'm certainly going to try on the details. I'm working on Episode 1 right now and that's basically what I'm doing. I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you stick around for more.

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I have the full version of this game on Steam and can wholeheartedly recommend it. If you enjoy old school sidescrollers with a bit of RPG stats and adventuring, this is for you.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you enjoyed the full version!

Not a bad little game so far, it could definitely have done with updates graphics. Even simple things like player sprites and proper tilesets used in the dungeons. It would definitely have given much more of an immersion factor to the game.

I'm not entirely sold on the rhythm based battle gameplay. It's something I haven't seen before which is nice, but it got old relatively quickly. It doesn't make grinding to help get through the factory very fun. I'm still grinding to work my way through the dungeon, it's highly frustrating to lose and end up back on the world map. I'm going to keep playing and see how far I can get because it's a game that you've clearly put a lot of work into and I want to make sure that I give it a fair shot.

You've absolutely got a good core of a game here, but I see it as just that. A core. Make a few gameplay modifications, scale the difficulty down a little and add nicer graphics and you've potentially got a very good RPG.

Kwing responds:

Many of this game's quirks are a fault of their intended platform. The simplistic graphics are done purposefully so as to reduce the memory usage of the graphics. Ultimately, I found the different enemy types (police, state trooper, riot police, soldier) and ranks (normal, with hat, with hat and star) to be incredibly succinct and attractive, and have not considered them a problem since I drew them over a year ago.

The graphic style is also where the name Ava RPG comes from - Ava is short for avatar, as the graphics are only representations of characters rather than trying to imitate the image of a human being outright, though I didn't want it to be associated with The Last Airbender or the sci-fi film, hence the shortening.

The 'rhythm' gameplay as you call it is also something I developed specifically to get it to work on the PSP. I agree that it does get somewhat repetitive. Later on as you acquire more abilities and charms, the gameplay will start getting a bit more interesting as you find uses for more buttons and begin planning out battles.

The difficulty level is set where it is mainly because you still get experience for losing a random battle. The game used to give out experience for all lost battles, but I took this out when I realized you could go up to the arctic factory from the start and grind by losing.

Thank you for the well-written and critical review. Even if I disagree with most of your points, I can see you took a good hard look at this game before reviewing it.

I remember playing this game on FGL around the same time I stopped looking for a sponsor. It's a very good game and it's nice to see a TRPG in the Flash community. You've made the game a nice challenge, not too simple, but not hair-pullingly impossible.

The graphics are quite simple, but it works out pretty well. The storyline seems to be something you wanted to focus on which is always a plus in my books. The music, although good, doesn't fit with the drawing style you've got going. I feel the music would work better with pixelated graphics.

All in all, it's a very good game and if anybody reads this, I recommend giving it a shot.

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Makes me want to go back and play the game again! Then I think that through :P The track is still awesome, of course.

LloydeSorrow responds:

Hehe thank you! :3

A very nice and chilled song, makes me feel like I'm wandering through a peacful forest area with plenty of magic in the air.

LloydeSorrow responds:

A review from the mighty Enkian? I am honored! :) I'm glad you like the song and thank you for the review :)

It sounds like something you'd hear in a fast paced level of one of the early Sonic games. It all flows together very well, it has a nice floaty sort of sound to it rather than something that pulses over and over again and drives you mad.

My only criticism is how you ended the track off. I think it would fit better if it faded out around the 2:35 mark or so rather than change to the slower, quieter part.

You clearly put the work into it, good job!

frootza responds:

Thanks a lot Void!

I wanted to end the track like that so you can hear how the two melodies compliment eachother ^_^

I appreciate the comparison to Sonic! I really love the early sonic game soundtracks.


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Fat Pikachu, best Pikachu.

Very nice! It really reminds me of the art style from those old NES manuals. A very underrated style, I like it a lot.

Extellus responds:

You hit it right in the head, I love the old NES manual style, especially the Legend of Zelda one :)

Badass! The face gives me Akira Toriyama vibes.

ideoart responds:

That's the best feedback that I could have! Thank you a lot ^^

I design games with a tendency towards RPGs.

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