Land of Enki 2 and Power of Four

2014-06-16 13:51:35 by TheEnkian

So to copy MSGHero I'm going to start blogging about some progress as we get underway with the Power of Four game jam. Who all is going to be in the team? Not a clue. What's our team called? Not a clue. We've got an idea to roll with for the game concept though, Metal Slug meets stealth game. How's it going to work? Not a clue. God damn though, that's what makes it exciting. Seeing how it's going to take shape over the next couple of months!

On another note, Land of Enki has been doing pretty well for itself! It's got pretty good reviews (minus a few common complaints), it got front paged and the Underdog of the Week award here on Newgrounds, it was front paged on GameJolt and has had numerous YouTube videos from people playing it or reviewing it. Sweet!

We're going to be making a second one and as of today, we've "officially" started working on it. All that really means is that the programmer is getting started with assembling the game. I've already done a lot of work on the assets and LloydeSorrow has made a start on the soundtrack for it. I'd imagine that we'll have the game finished in early-mid July and hopefully have it released in early August if all goes well.

So yeah, I'll make sure to post screenshots on Twitter once I've got some to show and once we get properly underway for Power of Four you expect some more of that too.


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